Cura Personalis: Lions with Disabilities

Cura Personalis: Lions with Disabilities is an ongoing collection of oral histories, testimonies, interviews, and artifacts donated by members of the LMU community with disabilities. The collection, inaugurated in the third year of the COVID 19 pandemic, responds to broadscale and LMU-specific increased awareness of disability, illness, and access needs downstream of the COVID lockdowns. First-person narratives from disabled Lions provide critical insight and reflection on the ways in which the Jesuit principle cura personalis, “care for the whole person,” is animated at institutional and interpersonal levels at LMU. The collection moreover serves the University’s strategic initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion by foregrounding historically marginalized experiences and by providing a rich archive of stories to drive future research and policymaking.  

All audio oral history recordings are accompanied by transcripts. All images and artifacts are accompanied by image and other descriptions. Future video testimonies, if received, will be audio-described in addition to transcribed.  

Cura Personalis: Lions with Disabilities is accepting donated testimonies and artifacts. If you would like to donate an oral history or interview to the collection, please contact